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Quoth the Raven #50 - Montana Skeptic vs. HyperChange TV on Tesla

July 16, 2018
Today's podcast was a structured debate between Tesla bull Galileo Russell from HyperChange TV - who famously got to appear on the company's conference call last quarter - and Montana Skeptic, a Tesla short seller who has been publicly critical of the company and who has appeared on my podcast in the past.
The debate was a structured format, with each participant getting the exact same time to speak and I did my best to moderate it in an objective fashion where I was not participating. Participants both agreed to the format ahead of time and each had a chance to make an opening statement and then address, and rebut, on three topics dealing with Tesla (one selected by each participant and one selected by me). From there, participants made their closing statements. 

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Disclosures: QTR owns TSLA put options, Montana Skeptic is short TSLA, Galileo Russell is long TSLA

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