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Quoth the Raven #32 - Two Ways Tesla Stock Could Swing 50% Higher - Or Lower - Before Summer

May 16, 2018

In this podcast, I try to be a bit more objective about Tesla - I look at what I honestly think is a way the stock could rise 50% before the end of this summer - and a way that the stock could be absolutely crushed 50% before the end of the summer. These are both events that I think could happen any day. I explain my reasoning.

I talk about the news Tesla would need to deliver today (other than turning a profit) that could put a serious charge into the stock and create a squeeze. I also touch on a brand new NHTSA investigation into a Tesla Autopilot accident today that was reported by Reuters and discuss what a catastrophe it would be if the NHTSA issued a major recall. Finally, I talk about what I believe to be an incredibly damning statement Elon Musk made at the first Model 3 handovers in Fremont, CA during Summer 2017, and how it could come back to bite him in the ass badly.

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