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Quoth the Raven #36 - Matt Stewart Discusses Carl Icahn Exiting His Herbalife Position

May 25, 2018

In a podcast that I did last week, I had Matt Stewart on to talk about the state of the Herbalife trade. One of the things that we tossed around was how Mr. Icahn was going to exit his stake in the company. With the news breaking today that Carl Icahn and Icahn Enterprises has tendered a significant portion of its shares back to the company, I thought it only fitting to have Matt back on the podcast to discuss what this exit means, and how Mr. Icahn may proceed moving forward.

Matt Stewart was one of my favorite people to read while the Herbalife debate was ongoing. He published over 180 quick witted articles on Seeking Alpha and because a friend of mine in the process. He's a private investor, former vice president & director of RBC Dominion Securities Inc. in Toronto and holds an Honors BA from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College. Matt also represented all BCE common shareholders as the 'intervenor' in the BCE v. Bondholder's case argued before the Supreme Court of Canada in July, 2008.

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