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Quoth the Raven #26 - Elon Musk Promises Conference Call Time to 25 Year Old Tesla Sycophant, Timkin Blows Out Earnings and Should Be at $60

May 1, 2018

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss why I think its a cowardly stunt for Elon Musk to take a conference call question from a 25 year old who thinks the stock will be at $2,200/share and a $500B market cap by 2023. Instead, Musk should sack up and welcome questions from skeptics and short sellers if he really wants some credibility that isn't just PR fluff. In addition I talk about Timkin's great earnings report, why the stock should be up 40% from here today and why no one gives a shit about profitability or cash flow anymore. 

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